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Nutrition and Health

Genefood is on a mission to democratise health across the nation with evidence-based, great tasting products that are also convenient and accessible. Inspiring the community to “Eating Well for Genes”, Genefood supports positive change in eating habits for healthier, better lives.

Food Integrity

Clean, green, pure, natural, honest, real, these are words that are regularly used to describe Genefood. Always at the forefront of health food innovation, all Genefood products are 100% organic, non-GMO, free from additives, pesticides, harmful hormones, gluten, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.
They all have a central concept that binds them: integrity. Loosely defined as “a quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. Our customers place great importance on the quality and natural of ingredients, and this is how we build trust with them.

Quality Assurance and Product Safety

At Genefood, we enforce full compliance with the mandatory standards and principles of our Quality Management System which include Food Safety Regulatory and Quality requirements. We protect our customers and public health by assessing vendor facilities that produce Genefood to meet regulatory guidelines, through verification by independent external bodies and feedback we receive from our customers.

Our production plant meets or exceeds the following standards:


Differences Between Genefood Broccoli Sprout vs Commercial Broccoli Powder

Genefood Broccoli Sprout

Commercial Broccoli Powder

Total weight: 300g

Total weight: 80g or 120g

100% whole broccoli sprout


Imported from Australia


(Please aware of manufacturers who source raw materials from developing countries due to cost effective purpose)

Guaranteed yield of sulforaphane

(Testings were conducted from external party and prove on the content)

No guaranteed yield of sulforaphane

Using high Sulforaphane-yielding technology

(Heat is not included during manufacturing process)

Technology is not stated

(Extraction process may involves heat which will destroy the active ingredients)

Formulated in Australia

Formula is not required as contains single ingredient powder only

Added with blackcurrant, red beet and Vitamin C


Vitamin C (350 mg): Helps in growth and repair all body tissues to maintain healthy skin and formation of collagen and absorption of iron


Natural refreshing berries fruits taste

Natural vegetable taste

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