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The mother of Genefood Sdn. Bhd. founder Yew Wan Ting died of breast cancer. Given a family history of defective BRCA gene, she decided to conduct genetic testing when she was 28 years old. Eventually, she discovered that she had inherited BRCA 2 mutations too.

This means that Yew Wan Ting is in the bracket of a high-risk cancer group. Such test results did not let her down for too long. She refused to pity herself. Quite the opposite, she faced this timebomb optimistically and successfully saved RM90,000 in merely 6 years of work.



The mother and grandmother of founder Genefood Sdn. Bhd. Yew Wan Ting are breast cancer patients. Half of the three generations of family members have BRCA mutations. When her mother passed away, Yew Wan Ting was 23 years old and she had just graduated from the university.

Yew Wan Ting’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 37 and relapsed after 10 years. She passed away at the age of 48.
From a young age, she already knew that she was one of the high-risk groups suffering from cancer, but she did not evade. She had the courage to face the reality and plan for the future like a normal person. She is full of hope about the future.
When Yew Wan Ting accepted the 'China Press' interview, she pointed out, 'Life comes with many challenges. I firmly believe that everyone can break through the adversity through ingenuity, bravery and strength.'



'American Hollywood movie star Angelina Jolie is genetically inherited from the family and carries the BRCA 1 mutated gene. I was at the age of 28 and went to a Malaysian Cancer Research Institute to carry out a genetic test and confirmed that I have inherited the BRCA 2 mutated gene.'
The mutation BRCA 1 raises the risk of breast cancer up to 87% for Angelina Jolie and 50% for ovarian cancer. In order to reduce the risk of cancer, she resolutely decided to undergo a double mastectomy in 2013 and, two years later, she decided to take ovariectomy and fallopian tube surgery.

'I was thinking about emulating Angelina Jolie and having a mastectomy before the age of 36 to reduce the risk of cancer; but, at the age of 28, I was at a medical conference because of a working relationship with a local private hospital. I met a team of well-known genomicists from Australia who knew the results of my genetic tests and explained to me the benefits of sulforaphane.'
'All my family members were advised to take broccoli sprout daily because sulforaphane can enhance our defense system; I temporarily dismissed the idea of mastectomy and decided to try to take sulforaphane for prevention.'

'I also started to learn more about the important relationship between genes and diet and trying to get sufficient nutrients daily.'


Based on her busy work schedule, Yew Wan Ting stated that she could not normally consume enough nutrients from her diet and, therefore, would ingest them from some nutritional supplements.
However, both Malaysia and Asia lack broccoli sprouts, supplements or related functional foods. It is believed that local people lack the awareness of health prevention. If there is no demand, naturally, there will be no supply, and there will be no domestic manufacturers producing related products.
Yew Wan Ting explained, 'Although people can obtain sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetables, the problem is that excessive cooking will destroy myrosinase because sulforaphane needs myrosinase to activate, but myrosinase enzyme is very resistant to heat and will lose its activity once cooked at high temperatures.'
'Therefore, I have decided to look for manufacturers from European countries using unique production techniques to ensure that the manufacturing process does not involve heat and herbicides, pesticides or harmful chemicals were not used when planting broccoli sprouts. After that, I went to the factory to look for manufacturers to package broccoli sprout powder drink.'
Yew Wan Ting has saved RM90,000 in her work during the past 6 years. She decided to set aside RM50,000 in the first half of the year to set up Genefood Sdn. Bhd., and the final product was born three months ago.

Yew Wan Ting graduated from the University of Northern Malaysia (UUM). Her initial dream was to be a news anchor. After she graduated from the age of 23, she was admitted to the TV station News and Current Affairs Department as an assistant producer and broadcast journalist.
She then changed her career pathway to a public relations company responsible for the U.S. giant pharmaceutical company client, private hospital, and DNA gene detection and analysis company as a brand manager.
In addition to her work, she also provides public relations consulting services for other corporates, including Singapore property developers, the Japan Tourism Bureau, and women's training platforms. She also has multiple positions that allow her to quickly deposit a business venture.
With these work experiences, coupled with her ever-growing entrepreneurial ideas, she believed that women should have their own careers and decided to resign from a managerial position with a 6-digit salary last year to establish Genefood Sdn. Bhd.



She believes that women should clearly understand, position, and examine themselves to plan their life goals. At the same time, women should also invest in their own minds, be good at financial management, achieve self-actualization, have the right world outlook and values, and embrace a positive attitude. They will make their lives alive.
In addition, Yew Wan Ting, who was also a newcomer to the workforce and a subordinate of the people, pointed out that, after her recent promotion to become a business owner, she understood the psychology of these different roles and, therefore, treated her subordinates as working partners rather than bosses and subordinates.
'I will also ask them for their professional fields when working with them. If I think that some aspects can be better, I will also exchange ideas and communicate with them in an indirect manner to guide them to achieve their goals. The ideal goal.'
'At the same time, I also encourage them to have an international perspective, learn through the Internet and evolve themselves, and to become valuable internationally.'


Yew Wan Ting calls herself a “digital nomad” for her company’s business practices. This means people who use technology, the Internet, and who don’t need a fixed place of work. When people get there, the job is there. It’s totally free of geographical restrictions. 
She used technology and the Internet to complete a dream that many people thought was beyond reach.
She said, 'The company is mainly divided into two departments; namely nutrition-consulting and design. I hired part-time designers. Before they designed the product packaging, logo, and website for me, now they mainly engage in video production. We contact and communicate through digital technology.'
Yew Wan Ting pointed out that, as long as we make good use of technology and the Internet, we can complete high-quality work at a low cost. For example, when a video is completed, it needs to have a voiceover. There is a platform on the Internet where you can find a freelancer with a professional voice-over service for only RM100.




As for product marketing and business development, it is mainly conducted by Yew Wan Ting herself. At present, approximately 50 small and medium-sized independent pharmacies and organic food stores in the Klang Valley have sold Genefood Broccoli Sprout powder; in addition, the Genefood product is also available on the online store (
'Recently, I met the person in charge of the Tmall team by chance. I had already talked with Tmall and I am looking forward to being able to put the Genefood products on the Tmall. I believe we can join Tmall before the Double 11 Shopping Festival Sales starts.'
In the future, she hopes to further enhance product awareness and expand her business overseas. 



Sulforaphane is a micro-nutrient occurring in cruciferous vegetables and broccoli sprouts, and broccoli sprouts have 20 to 50 times more sulforaphane than mature broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables.
Scientists have found that sulforaphane is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and activates Nrf2 signaling pathways in humans, regulating up to 200 genes in the human body, including those related to antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification.
In simple terms, sulforaphane can activate the major defense systems in human cells, thereby preventing chronic inflammation, increasing the antioxidant capacity of cells and helping the body to remove toxins, etc.


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