Breast Cancer Cell Inhibition and Enhancement of Chemotherapeutic Drug

A study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention[10] found that sulforaphane inhibits the growth of human breast cancer cells in laboratory tests. Additionally, it was found that sulforaphane also suppressed gene expressions that cause inflammation.

Breast cancer treatment sometimes require the administration of chemotherapy drugs and in this study, it was found that sulforaphane enhanced the effects of gemcitabine, a chemotherapeutic drug. This suggests that sulforaphane, taken together with gemcitabine could potentially elevate the efficacy of the chemotherapy drug while minimising toxicity to healthy cells.



  1. Hussain A, Mohsin J, Prabhu SA, et al. Sulforaphane inhibits growth of human breast cancer cells and augments the therapeutic index of the chemotherapeutic drug, gemcitabine. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev2013;14:5855-60

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